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Jason Sudeikis { The Livejournal Community }'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Jason Sudeikis picspam []

In an effort to spice things up around here {no new posts since 2008? Come on!}, I bring you this that I posted on my Livejournal earlier in the day. I hope you enjoy :)


A man, among other menCollapse )

SNL Swap []


I have made a swap on Swap-Bot for SNL and it is my very first swap I made. Please look at it below.

(SNL Swap)
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LJ Communty []


I have made a LJ Communtity for SNL and i am looking for members. Please join snltribute

icons &more^^ []

10 The West Wing
08 Saturday Night Live cast (Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg)

fo banners
09 The West Wing
05 Saturday Night Live cast (also Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg)

+ 01 West Wing header


here @ seldomspeaking

Photoshoot []

[ mood | giggly ]

This is my first post here... so I come bearing Jason pictures!! :)
HERE are some really great pictures of Jason with Bill Hader and Andy Samberg during a photoshoot that were used to make icons like this::



I hope no one minds my shameless pimping, but I just opened snl_lims, a last icon maker standing contest for SNL, so if anyone's into making icons and is interested, please join!

(Cross-posted everywhere, sorry.)

2 A-holes on SNL []

hey, i'm new to this community, and i was wondering if anyone has all or any videos of Jason as one half of the 2 A-holes on SNL. i have the Travel Agency and the crime scene ones.

(i'm also looking for all of the Nuni & Nooney sketches, Kristen Wiig working at Target sketches, and all of Amy Poehler as Kaitlin and Amber sketches)

thanks in advance :)

Question! []

[ mood | amused ]

So what did everyone think of Jason's George Bush impression? I thought it was excellent.

I was at the live show and Jason did part of the warm-up and said that he didn't know he was going to be doing it till Friday and didn't start working on it till Saturday! Isn't that crazy? I'm so proud of him for pulling it off!

My friend Christian, snlfreak5104, was able to grab part of the script for me from the cold opening as well!

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[ mood | cheerful ]

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Video treats for Jason Sudeikis Yahoo!Group members #4 []
[ mood | tired ]

Yay! A new season of SNL! I miss Chris Parnell a lot. Rachel Dratch a little bit too. But on a positive note, the four featured players have been promoted. Excellent opening credits this season too. Join at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jasonsudeikis . For those who are already members, the link is http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/jasonsudeikis/files . Now, let’s get to the videos!

SNL – 2aholes3.wmv
2 A-Holes at a Crime Scene 1.37MB
This is from the Kevin Spacey episode, arguably the best one from last season. The reason for me is partly because this is the best “A-Holes” as well. When Kristin followed with “they were ugly” I almost fell off my seat. 5/5

SNL – jonbovi.wmv
Jon Bovi 1.04MB
This is from the recent Jamie Pressley episode. Some people didn’t care for this sketch but the blending of Will and Jason was excellent. The lyrics were funny too. 4/5

SNL – taylor2.wmv
Taylor Hicks talks about the AI Finale on WU 1.36MB
Jason looks less like Taylor Hicks than his first appearance, but he does have a golden line here. I’m a little sad Taylor doesn’t have as much exposure now after he’s won! 4/5

SNL – cake.wmv
Chocolate Vesuvius 1.10MB
This is from the Lindsay Lohan episode. Weird how Lindsay doesn’t even really eat the cake. How’d she get the energy to do that to Jason? 4/5

SNL – carol4.wmv
Carol and Jerry 1.06MB
Kevin Spacey plays Jim’s father Jerry. Even if many people don’t like the Carol sketches, I will kind of miss it now that Horatio’s gone. This is the best one. Even Kevin Spacey seems to think so. 4/5

I hope you guys enjoy the new season! Here’s hoping the John C. Reilly episode is much better than the Dane Cook and Jamie Pressley ones. Sorry for the paucity of videos—work can be punishing at times.
Mark M.
Owner, jasonsudeikis Yahoo!group


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